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Designed by Jen Carlson

Jen’s nickname “tugboat” inspired this anchor cut from a broken drum cymbal.

  • Lengths:
    • Short: 16 – 20” (adjustable)
    • Long: 26 – 31” (adjustable)
  • Findings & Chain: Natural brass
  • Anchor:  1 ½ inches and cut from a bronze repurposed drum cymbal

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"An anchor is symbolic of a drummer’s role. You are the anchor of the band."


Jen Carlson’s journey toward drum kits and brassy cymbals started during childhood with a flute.

Known for her tomboy ways, the flute could have softened the rough edges of her style. Instead, Jen’s musical path led her to, first, the guitar and, eventually, the drums.

Now a drummer for the Southern California punk band, The City, Jen collaborated with CHIME creator Leslie Barrett on a nautical design for CHIME Gives. The pendant, an anchor, takes its cues from her vision of the importance of percussion as an anchor, a band’s lifeline. Turns out, an anchor’s not the only thing that links Jen’s passion for drumming to the sea: friends call her Tugboat, “the little boat that pulls the big ship.”