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Designed by Merry Young,The Mutineers

Merry’s design, inspired by the ringing sound of a drum cymbal, consists of 3 different sized rings connected with a copper rivet.

  • Lengths:
    • Short: 16 – 19” (adjustable)
    • Long: 24 – 29” (adjustable)
  • Findings & Chain: Natural brass
  • Rivet & Bail: Copper
  • Rings (¾ ”, 1 ¼”, 2”): Cut from a bronze repurposed drum cymbal

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"I have these vintage Zildjians that just make the best shimmery sound. I sort of imagined what that sound would look like."


Merry Young’s been a drummer for four years with The Mutineers, an eclectic rock band from Santa Barbara.

A self taught drummer, Merry started out shaking the tambourine and singing back-up vocals with The Mutineers; later, she worked with the band to add percussion as the band’s sound evolved. CHIME jewelry creator, Leslie Barrett, first met Merry at a Mutineers show in Santa Barbara. Impressed by her drumming abilities, Leslie approached Merry after the show and they traded merch: a pair of earrings for a Mutineers t-shirt. Merry looked to her own cymbals for inspiration when sketching her CHIME Gives design, Resonance. Resonance, a pendant with three overlapping rings joined together at their top-most arc, creates a look that visualizes, for Merry, the sound that cymbals make when she plays them.


Photo credit: Abigail Rickertsen