27 Club: noun, a term that refers to the belief that an unusually high number of popular musicians and other artists have died at the age of 27.

Drum cymbals break over time, but without the music that inspires us, the discarded remains are just useless metal. What can’t break is the energy that exists after the cymbal itself no longer resonates.


Reflecting on our roots and influences, we have been inspired by this group of iconic artists that define the need for change and a higher consciousness.


These musicians gave their entire being to their art and were able to truly glimpse the true potential of humanity. Although their time with us was short, they changed our mentality. They gave us a source of beauty and love that makes our lives rich and our time here more fulfilling.


We have found 12 of these figures to represent each month in 2017. We have immersed ourselves in each individual artist and the indelible mark that they have left on the landscape of popular culture.  On the 27th day of each month in 2017, we will release a piece of jewelry that commemorates and honors one of these artists.  We have read articles, watched documentaries, and most importantly, listened to their music to really channel them and connect the jewelry piece to their memory. The resulting designs are cut from drum cymbals, and will carry the energy of the beats that were played on them!


All of us have been affected by the meteoric rise and subsequent fall of these figures. Channeling their energy, we hope to give the gift of longevity and continuity to their legacy. Every one of them has had a profound effect on those that they came into contact with and the butterfly effect of the people that they influence and inspire is forever growing.  We thank them all and sincerely are excited to share this project with our friends, fans, and fellow human beings.


And the beat plays on...


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